This wiki was created for Indiana State Library by students at the Indiana University School of Library and Information Science at Indianapolis in the Spring 2009 Library Systems course taught by Dr. Mary Alice Ball.

Six teams of students focused on different parts of the project.

Coordinating team
*Alison Johnson
*Lisa Lobdell
*Karl Stutzman

Technology team: Organization & Design
*Colleen Verduin
*James Bell
*Shaun Davidson
*Lauren Wiley

Technology team: Systems & Functionality
*Inge Kokidko
*Jill Black
*Sarah Morey
*Tina Reimers

Content team: Federal
*Maywin Jackson
*Becki Myers
*Carrie O'Maley
*Holly Hensley

Content team: State
*Dawn Stahura
*Andrew Beymer
*Charlie Lemme
*Lucy Grogg

Content team: County
*Laurie Watson
*Raquel Lopez
*Emily Woolard
*Peter Terew