Career Development

National Hiring Trends


Top Locations Hiring
A nationwide listing of locations with the most job openings.

Top Agencies Hiring
A nationwide listing of agencies with the most job openings.

Top Job Searches
A listing of frequently searched jobs.

Top Jobs Viewed
A listing of most viewed jobs.

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Job Fairs

Career Fairs
A nationwide resource listing upcoming military and veteran related career fairs.

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Resume Advice

How to Write a Resume (pdf)
Explains how to outline and create an effective resume. Information is provided by Purdue University's Center for Career Opportunity.

What To Do If You Lack Job Skills (pdf) - Resume help
Tips on how to turn life skills into transferable work skills. Information is provided by Purdue University's Center for Career Opportunity.

A Sample Resume (pdf)
This article shows an example of a resume in chronological format. Information is provided by Purdue University's Center for Career Opportunity. Resume Resources
Provides tips on how to write a good resume.

Microsoft Office Resume Templates
Allows for the browsing of resumes by category (basic resumes, job specific resumes, etc).

CollegeGrad Resume Templates
These resume templates are formatted by major, with over 30 majors to choose from.

Quint Careers Cover Letters Resource
Tips and advice on the cover letter's do's and don'ts. It also answers some frequently asked questions and well as listing the top ten mistakes not to make.

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Salary Information

Minimum Wage Interactive Map
Click on any State or Jurisdiction for minimum wage information.

Employment Law Guide - Minimum Wage & Overtime Pay
This is a chapter in the law guide explaining minimum wage, who is covered, employee rights, and penalty information.

Employment Standards Administration
Enforces and administers laws governing legally-mandated wages and working conditions.

Industry-Specific Resources
WHD developed compliance assistance resources tailored to specific industries.

Immigration Resources
WHD administered immigration programs.

Regulatory Library
WHD Laws, Regulations, and Guidance Documents.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Latest statistical information about Consumer Price Index, Producer Price Index, Unemployment, Payroll, Import Price Index, Average Hourly Earnings, etc.

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Interview Preparation

10 Rules of Interviewing (pdf)
Provides practical steps to take in order to have a successful interview. Information provided by Purdue University's Center for Career Opportunity.

Typical Interview Questions (pdf)
Provides interview questions frequently asked by employers. Information provided by Purdue University's Center for Career Opportunity.

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Changing Careers

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook
The seminal source on career information, for hundreds of jobs the Occupational Outlook Handbook gives the training and education needed, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, and working conditions.

Is Graduate School Right for You? (pdf)
Aims at answering the question of whether or not to attend graduate school. Information is provided by Purdue University's Center for Career Opportunity.

How to Find the Right Job (pdf)
Provides tips on different career options, preparing for an interview, and getting work experience. Information provided by Purdue University's Center for Career Opportunity.

America’s Career InfoNet
Features user-friendly occupation and industry information, salary data, career videos, education resources, self-assessment tools, career exploration assistance, and other resources that support career development.

Skills Profiler
Allows users to type in their skills and experience to find jobs and careers to match.

Assess Yourself
The Employment & Training Administration provides resources to help users assess their skills so they can find careers to match.

Explore Career Options
A collection of resources and online tools to help users make career decisions from the Employment & Training Administration.

Gain Experience and Credentials
From the Employment & Training Administration, this site helps users find programs and tools to lead them to the training they need for specific career paths.

Career exploration resources for high school students from the Employment & Training Administration.

Changing Careers
This website sponsored by provides a wealth of information on not only changing careers but career development in general. The site also allows for job searching and posting.

10 Step Plan to Career Change
Article contains helpful step-by-step guidelines on how to successfully make a career change.

Career Change Center
Whether you're a mother returning to work after many years, an unsatisfied professional seeking your dream job, or you simply want to achieve better work-life balance via a new job the Career Change Center will provide you the information, tips and resources you need to help you have a successful career change experience.

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State of Indiana Adult Learning Resources

Financial Aid Resources
Provides links to various state and private financial aid services.

List of Financial Aid slang terms
A comprehensive list of acronyms you might encounter while looking for financial aid.

Adult Learner Resources from the Indiana Department of Education
Links to learning resources about Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Credit, GED Test Prep, English as a Second Language, Family Literacy, and Workplace Literacy.

<span class="wiki_link_ext">GED (high school equivalency) Fact Sheet (pdf link)
A Q&A about the GED requirements for the state of Indiana that provides a breakdown of the various portions of the test and what to expect.

<span class="wiki_link_ext">GED Testing Sites (pdf link)
A PDF listing of GED testing sites by county.

<span class="wiki_link_ext">GED Warning - information against online GED testing</span> (pdf link)

GED information for Indiana
An overview of the GED for Indiana.

Indiana College Network : distance learning resources
A website dedicated to distance learning resources for Indiana colleges.

Learn More Indiana - Adult Learner Services for college and beyond
Learn More Indiana's resources for helping adults achieve their educational goals.

Guide to Learn More Indiana from the State Department of Education
A simple overview of planning your college career using Learn More Indiana.

Study Skills for college and life planning
A list of skills from Learn More Indiana that can help you with your study skills.

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