Unemployment Resources

Indiana Unemployment

Indiana State Personnel Department
Search and apply for government/civil service jobs, learn about the state pay plan, benefits and job classifications.

Job Seekers Overview
Includes career guides, educational opportunity links and lists of growing job fields within the state.

Indiana Career Connect
Official Indiana government career assistance website where job seekers can search for job openings, post resumes, explore careers and perform other job market research.

How to register for Indiana Career Connect Screencast
created by: Andrew Beymer, Lucy Grogg, Charlie Lemme and Dawn Stahura

How to search Indiana Career Connect for jobs in specific counties
created by: Emily Woolard

Unemployment Benefits for Indiana Residents: Tricks and Tips
Describes how unemployment benefits work, what will need to brought when registering for unemployment and factors which may disqualify residents from receiving unemployment benefits.

Indiana Unemployment Benefits Job Search
Resources for the unemployed and job seekers including links Indiana's biggest employers, government jobs, county and city jobs.

AFL-CIO- Americas Union Movement
Articles, tips and information on what to do when facing unemployment, a checklist of strategies, techniques and tools for those who are now unemployed, access to one-stop centers for unemployment help and access to information on unemployment insurance.

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Dept. of Workforce Development

Unemployment filing information, job seeker resources, and information on educational opportunities.

Indiana Department of Workforce Development
Find job seeker resources and locate a WorkOne Office near you.

Job Seekers Overview
Includes career guides, a debit card program, educational opportunities and Hoosier hot jobs resources.

Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs
Provides ranking of hot jobs in Indiana with listings of annual growth, annual job openings and area wages.

Indiana Career Connect
Comprehensive source for Indiana jobs openings, providing research tools to show high-demand and high-wage careers.

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Unemployment Filing

I am filing for unemployment for the first time.
Before logging into Uplink CSS or visiting a WorkOne Center to access Uplink CSS, you will need the following information.
  1. Complete name and address
  2. Social Security number
  3. Personal identification (if reporting to a WorkOne Center)
  4. Your most recent employer's name and address
  5. The dates you worked for your most recent employer
  6. The reason you are unemployed.

I am already registered and want to file for my weekly benefit.

Short Unemployment Filing Tutorial from INlibpub (pdf)

Three Helpful Tutorials Created by the Indiana State Library:
Initial Claim Manual (pdf)
Weekly Voucher Filing Manual (pdf)
Reopened Claim Manual (pdf)

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Community Service and Assistance Programs

Service and Assistance Programs
Links to programs and services designed to help individuals and families with limited resources. (Click on the Other Resources link).

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Coping with Unemployment

Being suddenly unemployed can have a staggering effect on one's sense of purpose and well being, a problem compounded when one has a family to take care of. Coping with unemployment means dealing with it on two fronts: the physical part, which includes figuring out what to do with one's finances and home life, and the mental part, which involves the psychological aspects.

This section focuses psychological counseling and coping resources for the unemployed. Whether you seek professional help or want to learn new stress relief or coping techniques, the important thing is that you find the solution that is right for you.

Self-Determination, Empowerment, and Recovery (The DMHMRSAS of Virginia)
A five-tiered approach to teaching about recovery from mental illness: Recovery, Empowerment, Self-determination, System Transformation for Providers, and Evidence-Based Practices.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
If you, or someone you care about, is thinking about suicide please call the NSPL toll-free number (800) 273-TALK.

Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration - Department of Mental Health & Addiction
Provides a conduit to local mental health resources in your community and social services materials.

A list of mental health care providers, arranged by city name
Provides the websites, phone numbers and addresses of local mental health providers in towns across the state of Indiana.

A list of mental health care providers, arranged by county
A graphical map of the state of Indiana with links to various county mental health resources that can be accessed by clicking on the county in question.

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