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Job Hunt.Org
Search for employment by keyword and/ or location as well as read helpful tips and advice on job searching.

Search for jobs by keyword and location, to find information for obtaining an online degree and work at home opportunities.

Indiana Plus Jobs
Search by keyword, profession, or location, post resumes, and find information for working at home.

Indiana Top Jobs
Search thousands of Indiana jobs either broadly (viewing all jobs for one city) or narrow (limit search by job category/type, how close to a certain city the job should be, and the state).

Indiana Find
Features resources for numerous employment agencies within the state of Indiana including Manpower, Staffmark, Tri Force, and Adeco.

Retail Jobs in Indiana
This site allows users to search/browse management, hourly and part-time retail jobs in Indiana by keyword, location, and category.

Learn how to search WorkOne for jobs.
created by: Raquel Lopez

WorkOne regional search pages can also be reached through WikiforWork's Regional Job Seeker pages.

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Social Security Card Information

This section provides information on how to obtain a Social Security card. Many employers require new hires to provide their Social Security number.

FAQ for obtaining a Social Security Card
Site provides information on how to obtain a Social Security Card.

Documents you will need for your Social Security Card
Learn more about the documents you will need to obtain your Social Security Card.

Form for obtaining a Social Security Card (pdf file link)
Visit here for the form needed to obtain a Social Security Card.

Social Security Office Branch locator
This site will help users find the closest Social Security Branch Office in their area.

Social Security Number general questions FAQ
This portion explains what a social security number is and what it means.

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Driver's License / Non-driver Identification Card Information

Here users will find information for obtaining a valid Indiana Identification Card. A valid state ID is required by many state agencies and employers to help prove your identity. Even if you do not drive, you may need a non-driver's identification card.

1.Obtain the documents you will need for your identification card.

Documents needed to obtain identification card
This portion explains the documents you need to have with you when you go to obtain any license or identification card from the BMV.

Here is a simplified list of documents you will need. (pdf file link)
You will need to present your Social Security Card or a letter of ineligibility from the Social Security Administration.

Birth Certificate documentation
Learn more about obtaining your birth certificate if you were born in Indiana with this site.

2.Decide what kind of identification card you will need.

Driver's License portal at the BMV
Explains the various licenses provided by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Non-Driver's Identification Card Requirements
Even if you do not drive, a valid non-driver's identification card is required for hiring purposes as well as proving your identity to government agencies.

Driver's License Requirements
Provides information on obtaining an Indiana driver's license.

Learner's Permit Requirements
Here you can learn about obtaining a learner's permit. If you wish to obtain an Indiana driver's license you must have held a learner's permit for 60 days.

3. Visit your local BMV branch and bring all the documents that you will need.

Branch Locator
User the branch locator to find a BMV branch in your area.

Indiana BMV Driver's Manual
Explains the rules of the road, important information because you will need to pass a short test over this material to obtain your driver's license or learner's permit.

More information on the drive test can be found by clicking here.

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Official website of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles with information for obtaining various types of driver's licenses, learner's permits, and non-driver identification cards.

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created by: Laurie Watson

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